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Main Areas of Practice

Material & Life Science

HORIBA Scientific instruments; providing the ability to analyze gases & metals: XRF, spark analyzers, Glow Discharge, Sulfur, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, & Oxygen analyzers, and JPK for AFM which are mounted on inverted microscopes. Standard AFM and STM from NanoSurf Switzerland are offered as well.

Optics & Opto-Mechanics

Gratings, Lenses, Mirrors, Beam splitters, Polarizers and Optic devices for optic labs: Manual & Motorized Stages, holders, rails & carriers, goniometers, piezo and other accessories


Sensitive instruments from the OSD of HORIBA SCIENTIFIC.
Spectrometers, Fluorometers, Monochromators
Life Time systems, RAMAN systems,
And mini spectrometers from Stellarnet USA.

Chemistry & Bio Chemistry

We’re offering unique instruments from European companies: Electrodes and Cells, Potentiostats, Gavanostats, Rapid Kinetics, Impedance systems and more.

CCD, EMCCD & High Speed Cameras

The reliable electronics for detectors and high speed cameras made by HORIBA & PCO, are offered with many of our scientific instruments but can be offered as individual items.

Particle SizeAnalysis & Shape Analysis

We're offering instruments from Retsch Technology in Germany for Dynamic Image Analysis and instruments from HORIBA Scientific for Laser Light Scattering

About Newroad

Since 2005; new road is involved with the local Academic & High-Tech industry for high end scientific instruments. We have a lot of experience with optics, spectroscopy, materials research, electrochemistry, imaging, and particles analyzing.


Our advantages are also with the service we can offer; all installations Ans after-sale services are done locally by New road.


We will be able to advise and support potential customers before purchasing.

New road had the ability to offer custom-made instruments according to the customer's specifications.

Except the standard "of the shelf" products we usually sell, we have the ability to act as integrator and to offer tailor made systems according to the customers' requests. Some of them are shown under the "projects" category in this website.

Please call us to learn more about the products we sell and about our capabilities to help with your current or new projects.


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Our parthners are companies from Europe and USA. we are representing these companies, and support customers concerning applications and service.

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NewRoad Agencies Ltd.
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