PGS1000 Spectrometer for VUV applications

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This very unique system was sold to Dr. Oren Cohen from the Solid State Institute at the Technion Institute.

The application is separation of very high harmonics generated by Ultra fast lasers.

The spectrometer model PGS1000 was “tailor made” to Dr. Cohen requirements.

All parts of the system are stainless steel made, to allow very clean vacuum atmosphere which important to VUV-X ray applications.

In the first stage the spectrometer was supplied with two gratings to cover the spectral range of 8-32nm and 30-150 nm.

In the next stage, a third grating will be purchased to cover the spectral range down to 3 nm.

We were chosen to supply such unique system because of good modularity, spectral cover down to 3nm with out sacrificing resolution, and local service.